Captialize On Impressions & Engagement

Use our High Impact Homepage Banner to capture the attention of our professional audience who turn to LabX for their purchasing needs. Place your advertisements in front of shoppers as they begin their shopping journey.

1.4 Million

Banners on the LabX Homepage Receive
1.4 Million
impressions annually

Choose from one of the following banner positions:

1- premium slideshow

  • 1200 x 300
  • Drive attention to your brand with the largest banner on
  • Records 43,000 monthly impressions

2- elite banner

  • 215 x 115
  • The most viewed banner position.
  • Averages 100k impressions monthly.

3- countdown clock

  • Build interest and anticipation by ticking down the seconds to your newest release or event.
  • Ideal for timed events and promotions.
  • Averages 50 clicks per week.

4- featured auction banners

  • 480 x 230
  • Highlight your upcoming auction.

5- top seller banners

  • 250 x 250
  • Link to your store or specific product.

6- featured products banners

  • 130 x 75
  • Links to your product listing on LabX.

7- featured manufactures

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Position your business as an industry leader.