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Highly Active Contacts

Last 90 – 120 days

Mass Spectrometer

(ICP / ICPMS, mass spectrometer)

Research Lab Equipment

(autoclaves / sterilizers, baths / circulators, block digesters, capillary electrophoresis, densitometers, desiccators, electrophoresis, lad furniture, microwave digesters, mobile lab, moisture analyzers, sample preparation, scales, titrators, ultrasonic cleaners)

Process Equipment

(food processing, general process / industrial equipment, packaging, pharmaceuticals, water treatment)

Liquid Handling

(automated liquid handling, pipettes, pipette tips)

Clinical Diagnostics

(blood / gas analyzer, chemistry analyzer, coagulation analyzer, diagnostic instruments, hematology instruments)

DNA / RNA Analyzer

(digital PCR, DNA sequencers, DNA synthesizers, genome editing, molecular tools, microarray scanners, PCR enclosures, PCR / thermal cycler)

Condensers / Distillation

(condensers, distillation, evaporators, concentrators)

Analytical Instruments

(balancers, calorimeters, electrochemistry, element analyzers, infrared / FT-IR, microplates, NIR, NMR, particle counters, refractometers, Spectrophotometers)


(HPLC accessories, autosamplers, columns, detectors, pumps)

GC Systems

(gas chromatography systems, accessories, autosamplers, columns)

Fume Hoods

(biological safety cabinets, fume hoods, lab enclosures, laminar flow)


(microscope, microscope accessories, electron microscope)

Supplies & Labware

(apparel, gloves, lab coats, glassware and supplies)

Freezers & Refrigerators

(freezers, industrial refrigeration, refrigerators)


(benchtop, floor, rotors, parts, microcentrifuge)

Microplate Equipment

(microplate readers, washers, handlers, wells)

Counts as of August 20, 2023