Generate High Quality Leads

Demonstrate your product expertise and drive leads while engaging directly with the LabX audience of buyers

20% – 40%

Recent studies suggest that 20% – 40% of webinar attendees turn into qualified leads

(Zoominfo, 2019)

Program Details:

  • Exclusive sponsorship opportunity
  • Sponsors receive full contact information for all registrants following the event
  • Promotion across LabX channels to gain registration for up to 30 days prior to the event
  • Webinar hosting and moderation for the event, including speaker introduction and live Q&A direction
  • Choose between live or pre-recorded presentations
  • On-demand version of the webinar will remain hosted on
LabX Webinar

“Before You Buy” Webinar Series

This webinar series provides sponsors with a dynamic and interactive resource for the webinar audience. Participants are given the unique opportunity to connect with YOUR chosen product expert who can provide purchasing advice and information about the latest trends and product features…


Choose from one of the topics suggested below or provide your own presentation topic.

AttendeeS will have the opportunity to:

  • Connect with a product expert
  • Obtain purchasing advice
  • Receive information about the latest trends and features
  • Download materials

Topic Suggestions:

  • Questions to ask when purchasing
  • When is it time to upgrade?
  • Showcasing new products and solution sets
  • Product comparisons
  • Industry-specific applications
Before You Buy Landing Page