Product Listings

An effective campaign creates a digital ecosystem of advertising and content to direct buyers of your products at the exact moment it counts


of online shoppers repeat the purchase on an online store because their previous experience was good.

(Sales Layer, 2021)

Comprehensive programs that combine editorial with advertising and product listings see…

Listing Products is easy!

Our Listing Import System automatically adds your listings to the LabX marketplace from a range of sources, including directly from your website. Using artificial intelligence, we can even match up your product’s category, brand, and other attributes to what is available on LabX.

Choose Your Selling Strategy

With options to connect directly with the seller and/or add products directly to the cart, we make it easy for your customers to complete their purchase. Maximize your chances of repeat business by listing your products on

Request a Quote

Sales-ready leads delivered to your inbox immediately

  • Shoppers visit your product page on, clicking “request a quote” to learn more
  • An email alert is delivered to your inbox with full contact information
  • Follow up with shoppers and convert your leads to sales

Click to Buy

Use LabX to direct customers to your cart

  • Shoppers who are ready to purchase select “click to buy” on your LabX product Listing
  • Transactions are completed through your eCommerce platform

Buy Now

Close sales immediately using OUR CART

  • Shoppers complete their purchase by clicking “add to cart” on your LabX listing
  • Transaction is completed through our eCommerce platform, with funds deposited directly into your account
  • Receive an email notification alerting you of the sale